SWOT analysis presented in discussion on the transparency of selection and appointment of judges in Lithuania

On 5 April 2024, Project manages Professor Salvija Muleviciene together with the President of the Council for the Judiciary of Lithuania (Teisėjų taryba) Ms. Sigita Rudėnaitė, the Chief legal advisor the President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Andrius Kabišaitis as well as members of the Republic of Parliament, participated in a national broadcaster’s radio show, devoted to the system of appointment of judges in Lithuania. Ms. Salvija Mulevičiene provided an expert opinion both on the selection and appointment of judges, but also the insights on the opinions of other participants.

The show was on the taking into regard the diverging positions regarding recent proposals by the President of the Republic to appoint to the judiciary candidates who, although have passed a selection procedure, have not been ranked among the best ones. This practise has spurred up a wider discussion on the selection and appointment of judges, which gave an opportunity for Prof. Mulevičienė to present the findings of the SWOT analysis with regard to the judicial selection and appointment system in Lithuania.

You can follow the whole show HERE (in Lithuanian only).