About project

This project addresses the common European challenges in the justice and home affairs area. Discussions about the problems related to the judiciary in Europe often mention citizens’ mistrust in the courts and the general misconception that courts and judges are not accountable to the society. One of the reasons of such negative attitude is the lack of transparency regarding the criteria and procedure of the selection, evaluation and/or promotion of judges. 

The aim of this project is to create an innovative, scientifically based, transparent, unbiased and flexible multi-dimensional model of competencies required of a judge and innovative measurement methodology as established by the independent researchers in collaboration with the judiciary and civil society. This would contribute in improving citizens’ perception of the courts’ system and increasing their trust in the judiciary. 

Creation of the multi-dimensional model of the competencies required of a judge and the corresponding innovative methodology and measurement tools for the procedures of judges’ selection, evaluation and promotion. The developed materials and scientific guidelines how to use the new methodology will be translated to the languages of the beneficiary countries and published in English at the project website for the free use for any other European and non-European countries, which do not participate in the project as beneficiaries’. The creation of the universal system of competencies and methodology will enable the comparability between the countries and give a boost to the possible standardisation and portability of project results.