Judge competences MODEL available!


The analysis of the information, gathered by a highly-qualified team of international experts is now available to all interested parties through a Model of competences. The model provides in a very clear traffic light manner, what competences and methods of their evaluation are regarded as desirable/good to have in the judicial system (marked green), not so good or doubtful (marked yellow) and the ones, which the expert group would suggest avoiding (marked in red).


LThe Model clearly distinguishes among the procedures of selection, evaluation and promotion of judges, thus making it a very handy tool for reviewing each and every stage of judicial career. It also contains a special section on competences tested, when promoting to managerial positions. Even more, additional information is available in the comments section, which allows to identify the countries already using a particular feature in their system as well as additional comments from the expert team where appropriate. 

Please do not hesitate to check it out by clicking on a tab MODEL on the top of this page!


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