SWOT analysis underway!

The expert team of the Project is now focused on the performance of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, which entails a in-depth assessment of the current practices in the selection, evaluation and promotion procedures of judges in the Republic of Albania, the Czech Republic and the Republic of Lithuania.

The Lead of the Project Professor Salvija Mulevičienė observes „that while a lot may be done through the analysis of documents and online meetings, nothing may substitute in-person live meetings with the members of the national institutions actually participating in the selection, evaluation and promotion procedures of judges. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy and precision of the analysis study visits to all evaluated countries are organized and we are very excited to welcome colleagues in Lithuania”.

Experts from Lithuania, Czech Republic and Albania will be meeting with the judges and members of Selection Commission of Candidates to Judicial Office and Permanent Commission for the Assessment of Activities of Judges on the 21-23 of September 2022.

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